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June 30, 2022 Five Reasons Everybody Is Wrong About a U.S. Recession—Including Me

Source: The Ringer

Everyone from Amazon to Walmart to Target said that there was a big shift in demand from goods to services around March or April, and as a result, they were overstocked and over-employed.

June 30, 2022 Editorial - What Sustainable Marketing Means for the Conscious Marketer

Source: CMS Wire

Innovation often happens when two existing concepts are executed in a way they haven’t been before. Sustainable marketing is one of those. Though we’ve seen the two terms come together to market specifically environmentally...

June 27, 2022 Robert Kiyosaki says that hot inflation will 'wipe out 50% of the US population' — here's what he means by that and how to protect yourself

Source: Yahoo Finance

“America has stopped producing products, we produce bubbles,” he says, adding that we now have bubbles in the real estate market, the stock market, and the bond market.

June 24, 2022 ‘Chorus of people’ throwing Biden under the bus

Source: YouTube/ Skynews

Recastled CEO Kosha Gada says Chair of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell is joining the “chorus of people” throwing US President Joe Biden “under the bus” for the country’s struggling economy.

June 7, 2022 The ranting critics of sustainability may have a point

Source: Greehbiz

Remember when the profession of sustainability was largely a backwater activity inside companies, seemingly unrelated to the business of productivity and profits? Remember when sustainability flew under the radar — when hardly...

June 7, 2022 Wall Street is panicking about a recession. But consumer spending and cooling inflation means it's not going to happen, a US strategist argues.

Source: Yahoo Finance

But for all the doom and gloom, there are plenty who doubt the recession narrative, and say the US economy is still strong. Michael Skordeles — a senior US macro strategist at Truist Advisory Services, part of the $66 billion...

June 1, 2022 Opinion: How sustainability is shaping the future of travel retail

Source: Moodie Davitt Report

The travel retail industry recently celebrated Earth Day (22 April) alongside one billion environmentally committed people from more than 190 countries globally. Who could have predicted that this pioneering green movement,...

May 26, 2022 Pfizer CEO predicts 'constant waves' of COVID-19 because of complacency around the coronavirus and the politicization of the pandemic

Source: Yahoo

While COVID-19 cases are falling globally, they've been gradually rising in the US since early April, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. In the week that ended Sunday, the US reported 790,000 new cases, more than...

May 24, 2022 A Harvard economist says the economy looks bad right now, but a recession isn’t a sure thing. It all depends on these 2 factors

Source: Fortune

Things look bad right now, but one economist is refusing to get drawn into worst-case scenario fears—and says that two major factors indicate a recession is far from certain.

May 9, 2022 A feeling of economic doom is going around. And there isn’t much we can do other than sit back and watch

Source: CNN Politics

There are plenty of reasons for that feeling of economic doom that’s going around: Worst start for the stock market in 80-plus years; Highest inflation in 40-plus years. Largest single interest rate hike in 20-plus years. Dimmest...

May 9, 2022 Grid operators warn of electricity shortage amid switch to renewables: Report

Source: Fox News

"I am concerned about it," MISO Chief Executive John Bear told the Wall Street Journal in a report Sunday. "As we move forward, we need to know that when you put a solar panel or a wind turbine up, it’s not the same as a thermal...

May 9, 2022 UK -The economy is collapsing. Yet I can’t recall a government so devoid of a plan

Source: The Guardian

Last week, the Bank of England forecast inflation exceeding 10% and predicted negligible growth for the next two years, toppling into months of recession, accompanied by the savage squeeze on living standards.

May 6, 2022 What’s Lost When We Talk ‘ESG’ and Not ‘Sustainability’

Source: MIT Sloan

Within the narrow world of the sustainability expert community, the battle royale is raging about sustainability versus ESG and the implications of shifting semantics. I don’t want to litigate what these words mean, but I do want...

April 26, 2022 3 signs that recession fears are wildly overblown: Morning Brief

Source: Yahoo Finance

Tired of Wall Street talking heads pounding fears of recession into your overloaded brain day after day this month? So am I. There are valid reasons why some folks on the Street are calling for a recession later this year or...

April 25, 2022 6 Reasons Sustainability Investments Should Be in Your Portfolio

Source: Entreprenure

Want to build an investment portfolio that has a conscientious as well as a competitive edge? ESG investing makes it possible. Putting money into this type of investment vehicle could...

April 25, 2022 The Fed is losing control over the inflation narrative

Source: Mint

The Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates at the fastest pace in 40 years after policy makers’ hawkish rhetoric turned more aggressive last week.

April 25, 2022 What’s next for the stock market as investors grapple with Fed near ‘peak hawkishness’

Source: MarketWatch

Investors will watch for another gauge of U.S. inflation in the week ahead after the stock market was rattled by the Federal Reserve ramping up its hawkish tone and suggesting large interest rate hikes are coming to get an...

April 19, 2022 Goldman Sachs sees 35% chance of recession in 2 years - video only

Source: YouTube

Yahoo Finance Live’s Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi discuss Goldman Sachs pricing in a 35% chance of recession within the next two years.

April 18, 2022 Is this an 'I-told-you-so' moment for ESG? - video only

Source: Fox Business

Barron's senior writer Lauren Foster argues major environmental, social and governance investments are here to stay.

April 18, 2022 Opinion/Editorial - Fears of recession are everywhere — except at the clueless White House

Source: NY Post

With prices soaring, labor shortages, the Ukraine war raging, supply-chains snarled and interest rates now set to rise, fears of a looming recession are everywhere. Except, of course, at the White House — which is in utter denial.

April 15, 2022 How I (and US policymakers) got inflation wrong

Source: Vox

When prices began ticking up a little faster than normal early last year, I wasn’t overly concerned. I’d been covering economic policy since 2008, and in that whole time (in fact, in my whole lifetime!), the US had never had a...

April 11, 2022 Opinion - The S&P 500 will plunge 11% by the end of 2022 as 'inflation shock' sparks a recession, Bank of America says

Source: Yahoo Finance

Investors are in for a world of pain in 2022 as an inflation-induced recession will spark another correction in the stock market, Bank of America said in a Friday note. "Inflation causes recessions," BofA stated bluntly, and...

April 8, 2022 HP CIO Ellen Jackowski Explains Why ESG Is Essential to Corporate Sustainability

Source: Entrepreneur

The technology company's Chief Impact Officer and Head of Sustainable Impact breaks down how environmental, social and governance factor into modern corporate strategy.

April 4, 2022 What if reducing and eliminating fossil fuels is the biggest THREAT to our planet?

Source: The Blaze

With climate change being a current topic of debate, many people believe fossil fuels are destroying the planet and ruining the climate. In reality, fossil fuels are why modern society has been able to develop to its current...

March 23, 2022 Opinion - Everyone Wants to Do ESG Now

Source: Bloomberg

There will be a certain amount of bad blood and suspicion between the ESG people (who hate finance and want to save the world) and the regular finance people (who like finance and, uh, sometimes get stereotyped as not caring so...

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